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Kristina Vogel – Back on your bike

Nobody cares about tyres right?


We’ve been helping Bridgestone break new ground and drive brand love, in this low-interest category, with a pan European Olympic brand campaign which aims to inspire consumers to overcome adversity and chase their dream no matter what.

We’ve partnered with 19 iconic Olympians who have not only achieved Olympic glory but have overcome extreme adversity on their personal journeys to success. Their perseverance and grit embody Bridgestone’s brand promise to keep people moving on life’s journey no matter the conditions. And now we’ve evolved this campaign to directly impact people’s lives helping them overcome their own obstacles.

Fear is crippling. It destroys confidence and can stop the strongest person in their tracks. Fear can set in after a traumatic event, be it physical or mental, or can build up over time. It’s often a road block to chasing a dream, which we wanted to help people push through. In this unique campaign, we found a group of amateur cyclists who held fears which have impacted their confidence and really hindered their lives. With the help of Kristina Vogel, Bridgestone ambassador and Cycling Gold medallist, a sports Psychologist and the Bridgestone team we set about teaching the amateur cyclists new psychological techniques to overcome their fears. We then put their new-found mindset to the test and challenged them to take on the steepest banks of the velodrome.