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Chris Mears: Take the plunge

Nobody cares about tyres right?


We’ve been helping Bridgestone break new ground in this low-interest category with a pan European Olympic brand campaign to inspire consumers to overcome adversity and chase their dream no matter what to drive brand love.

We’ve partnered with 19 iconic Olympians who have not only achieved Olympic glory but have overcome extreme adversity on their journeys to success. Their perseverance and grit embodies Bridgestone’s brand promise to keep people moving on life’s journeyno matter the conditions. And now we’ve evolved this campaign to impact real people’s lives helping them overcome their own obstacles.

In the UK, Olympic diving gold medalist Chris Mears, was told he would never compete again after a life-threatening illness landed him in a coma for 3 days. He then fought back to win Olympic gold in Rio. Our UK campaign involved a live launch, suite of content (3 min, 60, 30 and 10 second films), website, always-on social campaign andambassador grassroots event. Chris’srole as inspirational Bridgestone ambassador beganwith his personal journey of struggle to Rio and has evolved now to help others overcome their own anxiety obstacles by leaping off the 10-metre-highdive board during the Take the Plungeevent.

The result is emotional and powerful –for those who took part in the Take the Plungechallenge, and for those who’ve subsequently watched and shared it. With over 700,000 views and thousands of shares and engagements.